This week we took delivery of two new fully equipped vehicles that will join our existing service fleet. Fully kitted out with top of the range racking systems and stocked with all first fix solutions as a company standard.

We have taken the opportunity to update the livery on these vehicles, opting for a crisp and clean cut look, simplifying the design but ensuring it’s still easily identified as an RDS company vehicle.

Customer Service Director Claire Palfrey had this to say “Our existing fleet has been flat out 7 days a week for as long as I can remember servicing the day to day needs of our customers. It’s always a tough call whether to press ahead with an additional vehicle as in the back of your mind you’re conscious of over staffing a situation but with our workload and influx of new customers over the last 18 months it has given us the ideal opportunity to add not only more vehicles to our fleet but also bring in new members of staff.”

The vehicles have gone straight into the service division and are already proving to be a welcome addition to a very busy service department.