RDS Installation of our RDS-AWM2 Fast Action Rapid Roll Door.

This week saw the completion of another successful installation for our client ‘DeGould Innovative Engineering’ using our RDS-AWM2 Fast Action Rapid Roll Door, on this occasion for the prestigious automotive company Bentley motors.

This year we celebrate our 5th year of partnership with “DeGould” on their “Image Capture Auto Booths.”

DeGould’s automatic vehicle inspection systems are revolutionising how damage disputes in finished vehicle logistics, vehicle rentals and vehicle movements are resolved. Their market-leading, patent protected technology can analyse a vehicles condition at multiple stages, from production to retailer, and efficiently diagnose whether any damage to the vehicle was caused in transit.

Using our RDS-AWM2 Rapid roll door with Dynalogic 5 controls is the perfect complement to our client’s sleek and bespoke Auto booths.

Our product provides superior aesthetics, high speed operation, cutting edge door control equipment and high usage reliability.

The RDS-AWM2 is a tried and tested product within the automotive sector, with it with becoming a go to product for our sales team as it ticks so many boxes both from a cosmetic appeal and an operational aspect.

Glenn Rowland RDS Managing director, who has been involved in all of the projects dating back to 2013 had this to say about the product and also working with DeGould “DeGould have become a key client but more importantly a partner. We have now collaborated on multiple projects the length and breadth of the country working for prestigious clients such as Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and now Bentley Motors. DeGould have a market leading product that has revolutionised the automotive sector, giving the end user a solution to damage issues. Our product fits in perfectly with their design and operation requirement. It’s been a pleasure working with DeGould and I look forward to the next set of works”.

DeGould Website Link: http://degould.com/

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