Rowland Door Services Limited – Back Office IT Upgrade 3rd December 2018.

On Monday December 3rd 2018 RDS will completing our biggest ever back office system migration and moving over to a brand new IT platform.

We have been busy behind the scenes for a few months now preparing the system for our go live in December.

The IT upgrade is another step in helping us to continue to deliver our excellent customer service to our existing client base using the very latest cutting edge technology, below is just a small insight to some of the new key and exciting features that we will be delivering in December :-

•  Improved/instant job reporting – As our engineers complete their work, job reports will be generated and within seconds will be readily available to view for the client with a full analysis of the work undertaken all at the click of a mouse and all data can be viewed on your own bespoke portal dashboard. Giving real time statistics for your site. This feature now gives customers the ability to identify and follow trends with all industrial related product on their site.

•  Improved Stock/Part Management – The new platform provides RDS with improved ways of getting parts direct to site and also to monitor RDS van stock ensuring engineers attend jobs with a wide range of parts to cover a wide variety of repairs. This will vastly improve on our first fix and response times and will drastically cut repair lead times and will ensure we are sending the right engineer for the right task.

•  Live Engineer Tracking – Giving the client that “UBER” experience, real time notifications will be sent to customers. This exciting new feature will give the customer full control and insight to their repairs, from when a job has been logged, to when the engineer accepts, to when the engineer travels and arrives on the job right through to the completion.

•  Client Portal Improvement – The client portal is a feature we rolled out early in 2018 and it has been a great success with some of our customers utilising the feature to their full advantage. This is something that we would like all of our customers to sign up to and embrace, “reports at your fingertips.” The new platform migration will see exciting new features added to the client portal as the months go on including, improved job and service reporting, repair statistic’s and analysis, asset tagging and stock control features.


Why are we doing it?

The platform upgrade is a huge step in the right direction and we are fully confident that the launch will benefit each and every single customer we have. The software is at the very forefront of modern technology and will be a forever evolving system, roll out of new features will be a common occurrence for all of customers.

Glenn Rowland, RDS Managing Director had this to say about the launch “In an ever changing service industry and with huge advancements in technology our clients are always looking for new innovations and ways of making their reporting, job logging etc that little bit easier and we are more than happy to oblige and fulfil such requests and demands. I couldn’t be more excited about the launch and implementation of the new RDS platform. It’s a huge leap forward both for our business and for all of our customers.

The system at launch point is so impressive and with some of the next stage developments and upgrade roll outs I’ve seen and heard about it puts RDS at the very forefront of delivering outstanding customer service and also now giving the customer more control over their relationship with RDS”


What do our customers need to Know?

As an existing customer to RDS there will be a number changes from launch date you need to be made aware of, below are a list of FAQ’s that will bring you upto speed with what will and won’t affect you as a customer.

Job, Invoice, Order and Quotes numbers will be reset.
•  As this is a brand new platform we have chosen to start all jobs, quotes, order numbers, invoice numbers to zero giving us a blank canvass to move forward with.

Will I/we still have access to all of our old history and is it secure under the GDPR Policy?
•  Yes, all of your site history will be stored as it is currently on a high security server and fully accessible upon request and for reference we have no plans to close this old database. Our old back office platform will still be a live system and as we migrate we will need to sometimes delve back into it to obtain certain details as and when required. The old and new platforms are fully compliant with current GDPR policies.

What about quotes/orders/invoices that bear old reference numbers, are these still valid?
•  Yes, all existing issued numbers be it invoices, order numbers and quotes will all be valid as per our T&C’s that were issued at source or upon original set up. All we ask is that patience is observed in some cases as we may need a little more time trawling our old system to cross reference, but yes everything that was on the old system will be fully valid as agreed at source.

I’m/we are existing RDS client portal users, what do I need to do?
•  As we reset our dataset to zero this means all existing client portal users will need a complete new login for their site, this will be rolled out prior to launch date. Please retain your existing log in details, again for historical purposes, should you have access issues at upon our launch date please call the RDS service office 0121 328 8403.


As with any large IT integration we anticipate a certain level of teething problems but as mentioned all changes are for the benefit of our customers. Should you experience any issues please do not hesitate to call our dedicated service team on 0121 328 8403 who will be happy to resolve.

Thank you for your continued support and custom, we would like to thank you in advance for your patience as we conduct this migration.