The month of November saw the completion of yet another successful multiple door installation project using the specified RDS-HLX product. Our skilled workforce installed 14 RDS-HLX-High Speed Spiral Doors for our prestigious customer on a refurb and new extension to a logistics receiving deck. All 14 doors are now fully commissioned and handed over to our very happy client for use, all in under 3 weeks from start to finish and all on budget. All 14 RDS-HLX doors have been furnished with the latest top specification control equipment and automation technology achieving and delivering the highest quality of logistical solution/options for our customer. Working closely with our client and gauging their requirements we have achieved a fully integrated traffic control operation.

Using the top of the range of automation equipment including radars and LED Traffic Lights and signage the deck is now fully up and running and serving the purpose it was intended for and the end user is rapturous with the installation. The RDS-HLX product is not only cosmetically pleasing but its high speed options, Db and insulation value qualities make it the perfect industrial product for a fast paced logistical deck.

Rowland Doors Managing Director Glenn Rowland said of the installation “With environmental concerns now in the forefront of all of our client’s minds we are forever seeking and developing new industrial door innovations to ensure our clients are compliant and of course are at the cutting edge of design. With the RDS-HLX product we are well placed to offer a product that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to environmental concern & operational requirement and of course a fit for purpose product that will stand the test of time and the RDS-HLX is the perfect product“

Michael Palfrey, Installations and Service Director of Rowland doors added “From day one our skilled engineer base set about getting the product installed to the highest standard and were aware of the targets they needed to achieve. I attended site for final handover and I was taken back by what our work force had achieved and how fantastic the product looked from one of the deck to the other. I sat down with the client and they were delighted with the product and were also full of praise for our workforce, highlighting their professionalism and workmanship levels throughout the installation”.

The RDS-HLX High Speed Roller Door is an unprecedentedly fast sectional door that also offers exceptional insulation performance. The RDS-HLX Spiral-Door opens 6 x faster than similar sectional doors and is therefore extremely suitable in an environment where you have intensive logistic movements. This door opens fast and depending on the door size up to 1.1 M per second and real savings on the energy cost can be achieved. The RDS-HLX door leaf has a thickness of 40mm and a U-value of 1.77W/m2k (Panel width 5000mm x 5000mm) and is available in a whole rainbow of colours. The RDS-HLX has an intelligent drive system without counterbalance, the RDS-HLX Spiral door hardly needs any service upto 200,000 cycles.