Reviewing the success of the RDS-RPU20 for Aston Martin Lagonda Limited.

Our service engineers have just completed the annual planned preventative maintenance for our client Aston Martin Lagonda Limited. A year of operation for this project provides us with the perfect opportunity to review the successful project.

Summer 2017 saw RDS complete it’s installation of 15No RDS-RPU20 High Speed insulated roller shutter doors, fully automated using our latest activation equipment system.

Our client had taken occupancy of the building and had plans to build upcoming and exciting new models from the new location.

They needed a product that would cope with their operational demand but also was in keeping with their prestigious image.

The RDS-RPU was the perfect product for this project, it adheres and complies to all current building regulations, fulfils all speed requirements of the customer and it’s Mirco-rib profile lath design was the perfect look to achieve and satisfy the customers brief.

Our installation teams wrapped on the project with full handover completed in little over three weeks including all commissioning.

This week our engineers completed the second PPM on all product since installation, providing a clean bill of health for all doors onsite.

Our client took full advantage of our RDS Platinum Service package to ensure the product remains in excellent working order. The platinum package includes a full service to each product, a comprehensive breakdown of engineer works/findings and cover and replacement on certain elements of the door components parts. It’s the ultimate reassurance package for any end user.

Michael Palfrey RDS Service and Installation Director said this of the success “Another great example of a successful project delivered on schedule and then a great after care service, giving the customer complete satisfaction and reassurance. The health of the product a year on after high usage is a testament to both our installations team workmanship and also to the product itself. The RDS-RPU20 is a robust, reliable and high speed door, it’s success not only on this project but across our portfolio speaks for itself”.

The RDS-RPU20 has been so well received by our client that this week they have placed a new order with ourselves for the purchase of a further 12 doors.

These new additions will be installed at their new purpose built facility in Warwickshire where they will be producing their new £3.2m ‘Aston Martin Valkyrie’.

Our installation is scheduled in to commence on week 4 of 2019, RDS are already gearing up for a very busy new year.